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Needs Assessment for Businesses

Overwhelmed? Check out these services to help lighten your load.

Monthly Services:

  • Bank reconciliation (online via Xero or QuickBooks)
  • Florida Sales tax return for monthly filers and payment, if electronically filed*
  • Payroll tax deposit preparation
  • Financial Statement preparation

Quarterly Services:

  • Quarterly payroll tax returns (Form 941 and FL RT-6)
  • Florida Sales tax return for quarterly filers and payment, if electronically filed*
  • Financial Statement preparation (if not monthly or annually)

Annual Services:

  • W-2 and 1099 prep for employees and vendors
  • Financial Statement preparation and/or review for tax purposes*
  • Annual payroll tax returns
  • Federal tax return for business
  • State tax return for business
  • Tangible personal property tax return for business
  • Applicable personal tax returns (non-business)

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